Manchu Brother’s Clever Mind Game

Tensions between Manchu brothers Vishnu and Manoj have been making headlines in the media lately. However, it seems that the brothers are now trying to downplay the situation and claim that it has been blown out of proportion by the media.

According to sources, their father, veteran actor Mohan Babu, has advised his sons to downplay the situation and claim that it is just a normal issue and nothing serious about it. The brothers seem to have taken this advice to heart and are now trying to quell the media frenzy surrounding the issue.

Manoj, who initially made the issue public on social media, has now taken a U-turn and is reportedly planning to appear with his brother Vishnu in front of the media to clarify the situation. The brothers are said to have realized that the media coverage has created unnecessary tension between them and are keen to set the record straight.

It is not clear what caused the dispute between the brothers in the first place, but it seems that they are now focused on resolving the issue and moving on. Mohan Babu, who is known for his level-headed approach to such situations, is said to be guiding his sons through this difficult period and helping them to find a way forward.

It remains to be seen what the brothers will say in front of the media, but it is clear that they are keen to put the issue behind them and move on with their lives. Hopefully, they will be able to resolve their differences and continue to work together in the future, creating the kind of cinematic magic that their fans have come to expect from them.