Mahesh Babu, Namrata on raising children

Mahesh Babu Namrata on raising children

Mahesh Babu and Namrata Shirodkar form the most romantic couple in Tollywood. They are blessed with two children Gautam and Sitara. Mahesh Babu speaking to scribes said he takes his own decisions regarding stories and will not allow even Namrata to interfere in it.

Namrata said she found it difficult to learn Telugu and Mahesh at that time asked her to start talking with staff in Telugu. Namrata said it was love at first sight and very rarely one could find an innocent guy like Mahesh Babu.

On raising kids, Mahesh says “We don’t take fan worship seriously. Outside, I may be a big star, but at home, I’m just a husband,” Mahesh shrugs. “My wife keeps me grounded, and my kids treat me like a regular dad.”

Namrata adds “Mahesh spoils our kids rotten! While they may be used to flying First Class and accustomed to luxuries, I try to create a balance in their lives. They often fly Economy with me. They must learn to sustain themselves in all circumstances. I’m from a very middle-class family and know the real world.”

She says “So our daughter Sitara buys herself expensive stuff through brand endorsements [she has 443K followers on Instagram). But, of course, she goes running to her dad for an iPad, and all my efforts go down the drain.”

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