Devarakonda vs Nikhil – Botched last release, Patched this time?

Vijay’s previous movie “NOTA” failed miserably. There were exchanges of strong non-friendly tweets between Vijay Devarakonda and Nikhil. Though tweets were deleted, it was very evident that things were not fine between this young bunch of heroes.

However this time, for “Taxiwala”, things have taken a different turn. Nikhil released a video from USA on twitter. Mentioning that Taxiwala’s makers were his close friends, he got to know about the movie leak from DOP’s message. He urged people to kill piracy. Also, wished the lead actors Vijay Devarakonda and Priyanka and the rest of the team all the best.

Nikhil wishing Vijay is a great start. More so, Vijay’s response to the tweet thanking Nikhil brings out the healthier competition side.

Relations botched during “NOTA” seem to have patched up during “Taxiwala”!

Rowdies and Nikhil’s fans, just relax at the backseat and let Taxiwala take us on his adventurous ride!