Free ride, Free tickets – Whats upp?

Our heroes seem to have understood the power of PR and social media. As part of “Taxiwala” movie promotion, Vijay Devarakonda gave free rides to fans. We have a couple of movies lined up this Friday, 7th Dec – Kavacham, Subrahmanyapuram, NextEnti, Subhalekhalu.

Sumanth Akkineni, who is starring in “Subrahmanyapuram”, has announced 50 free tickets for the first-day show. Sundeep Kishan is giving away 2 tickets per person for Friday morning show of “NextEnti”. Thanks to the internet reaching nook and corners, people in rural areas are also big time into social media – Twitter, FB, Whatsapp, etc.

Inviting the public for the first-day shows is a good idea. However, these are the same guys who either tweeted, WhatsApp(ed) or posted about the movie to get the free goodies. They will also be prompt enough to spread the word about the movie while still watching in theatres. Looks like our actors, who are badly in need of a hit, are confident enough about their movies.

Elections around the corner! Movie releases around the corner! It is freebies time! Hope all the movies do well!