Telanagana She Teams to train volunteers from professional colleges

In their on-going mission to make the city safe and secure for the women and girls of Hyderabad, Telangana She Teams will train volunteers from 11 professional colleges.


She Teams to train volunteers from professional colleges under ‘train the trained’ model


The girls chosen from the above colleges will be part of the #Girlssafetyclub and will be part of ‘Train the trainer’ model in partnership with STC India and Lead Life Foundation in all academic institutions of Telangana.

The She Teams of Telangana is an active wing of Telangana police, who are forever looking for new avenues to empower women and girls in the state.

They constantly give safety updates and have recently spoken about the importance of dialling 100 in case of emergency. Also, it’s their mission to teach young girls and women about saying no violence and not tolerating any form of violence.

Taking leaf off the Telangana police, Odisha state police have also emulated She Teams of Telangana. Member of the National Commission of Rights of Children Dr RG Anand extended his appreciation for the various initiatives of the She Teams.

Apart from She Teams in Hyderabad, nearly 341 She Teams are operational across the state. Due to the increasing number of harassment cases against women during the pandemic, She Teams have also launched an app, so the women or girls can reach out to them and action can be taken within a short time, wherever the person is in the state.